What Is Workplace Giving?

By definition, workplace giving is a program in which employees have the ability to make regular donations to eligible charities through a payroll system. By using the payroll systems now common place in Australian workplaces, employers together with their employees can make small regular donations to charities.

Why Choose Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is a win-win-win for workers, employers and charities. No matter how small the amount, employees donate to their charities of choice from those included in their organisation’s Workplace Giving program. Employers enjoy greater staff engagement and retention. Charities gain reliable, regular funds.

The Benefits

Through workplace giving, employees have the ability to make a pre-tax donation that can either be spread evenly across all of The Australian Charity Fund’s charity partners, or individually to charities of the employee’s choice. Workplace Giving creates a positive working environment for the employee.
Workplace Giving gives employers opportunity to engage their workforce by giving the option to make pre-tax charitable donations. This has shown to increase employee engagement and help shape a positive workplace culture.
Workplace Giving creates a stable funding pipeline for charities with a low cost, high value revenue that contributes to their ability to deliver services and over time, assist them toward financial sustainability..
Workplace Giving gives The Government an opportunity to encourage business community partnerships that produce additional revenue for the charitable sector.

Connect With Workplace Giving

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